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Post  Post subject: NanoBotBuilder Change Log  |  Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 8:38 am
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Aug 24th, 2014 version 2.0.8
I've been suffering with severe Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, and enthesitis for 8 years now. Hence, finding a cure is very important to me and the other 7.5 million sufferers of Proriasis in the US, and worldwide. I have therefore decided to donate 50% of all donations to the National Psoriasis Foundation to assist with finding a cure.

I've been on Humira and Enbrel for many years but their efficacy is wearing off. I've therefore just started on Simponi and I'm hoping that it'll help.

Thank you for playing and supporting a worthwhile cause!

Aug 8th, 2014 version 2.0.8

I have fixed the REG-e amount entry so that it doesn't disappear. It will now automatically remember the last amount you entered.
Also reduced the chances of winning slightly. Previously it was noted that the winnings were far too over powered and it was an easy way to "work" the game.

June 20th, 2014 version 2.0.7
Wormholes have been added. The wormhole becomes active when you click on the Create Wormhole button on the Transcend Screen (Stage 14 research that requires activation). Once clicked the game will automatically Prestige and you'll see a wormhole alongside the large NanoBot button.
A wormhole will deliver a free factory every 120 seconds. The factory will be the Amino factory for stage 1, a conveyor factory for stage 2 and then for every stage thereafter it will be the factory from the prior stage. Culminating with the Warp Factory at Stage 14.
With every successive Create Wormhole press, the time between free factories is halved.

June 18th, 2014 version 2.0.5
The implants will now receive a 5% boost for every level of Prestige.

June 11th, 2014 version 2.0.4
Corrected an issue with the donator function that doubles factory bot creation.
Added Save Game Slots - 1, 2, and 3 - accessed from the Save Screen.
Added Slow Down Game button - accessed from the Donators Screen.

June 5th, 2014
New Number Names have been added. All numbers now display using Latin Names.

Below is included in Live release 2.0.2 and above

Game Speed
Play the game at your own Speed
From 1x speed (original) through 10x speed.

The prestige bonus will be implemented towards the manual NanoBotButton clicks too.
Prestige Pearls have been added. There are 3 types of Pearls:
Bronze = 10% bonus
Silver = 20% bonus
Gold = 50% bonus

Factories will be able to be sold and 75% of the bots paid will be returned.
The Cost of the factory will be reduced to the previously paid cost.

Stage or Evolution information
Added Stage/Evolution Information within the Evolution Screen

Resources have been added to the game. You'll need to assign bots to gather the resources.
A new resource is unlocked with each Evolution/Stage.
Resources gathered are used for the creation of Implants.
These implants will boost activities and are created within the Forge.

Added the Forge
Unique items to Forge for your Queen are now available at every Stage
Items include:
Factory bonuses, Research bonuses, and Queen Bot Production bonuses.

Donator Functions
Added extra functions including (but not limited to):
Maximize Queen Size
Double Queen Size
Instant Research
Find all bots on Stage

Removed the 1000x Jackpot - replaced with 1% Luck that will reduce the virus chance by 1%
Modified REG-e so that it's not too Over Powered (OP) (will probably modify it further after some feedback)
40% chance to win - largest jackpot is now 100x the amount of Bots entered into REG-e

Added more statistics
time played this Prestige game
time played last (Prestige) game
Full REG-e stats

Modified UI to show achievements not yet attained

Treasure Hunter
Reduced the time between bonuses to 10 minutes


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